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Insulation Installation

Deep Retrofit grants

Deep retrofit : Products

Air-to-water heat pump 

This technology is not new and has been used in refrigeration for decades. There is a €6500 grant for air to water heat pump installations. For underfloor heating to work properly it requires to be laid on a insulated concrete floor. The majority of houses we work on do not have insulated floors or damp proof membrane, so we would normally dig up existing floors and install hardcore, radon barrier and 150mm concrete floor slab on top. We install 150 mm floor insulation on top of concrete, our heating pipes is then attached to the insulation. This is it is coved by screed by a 30-40mm screed to complete the underfloor heating installation. Aluminium rads is installed to the remainder of the house. 


External insulation

Your entire house is fully wrapped with external insulation and rendered to a colour of your choice after €6000 grant available also our sub contractor can advise on the best solar option for your home. 

Solar Panels on Roof


Reduce your energy with solar pv panels we can advise on the best solution that will suit your house 

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